For easy comparison I use slightly modified OEM part numbers.

OEM parts:

Part numbers start with OE.

OEM parts used:

Due to my contacts I can organize a lot of OE parts in used condition. Used parts can not be returned nor is there any warranty on them. If not in stock a down payment might be required. Please inquire via email if you need anything.

Remanufactured OEM parts:

Part numbers start with RM and parts are offered on a return basis.
A refundable core charge applies.
Refund is given after return of the old part which has to be in a condition to be remanufactured.

The core part has to be returned within 30 days after receipt of the remanufactured part (shipping time excluded). Exceptions from this rule have to be agreed upon in writing.

Third party parts:

Part numbers start with TP. TP parts are of equal or better quality than the OEM parts and made by reputable German or European OE part manufacturers.

Reproduced parts:

Part numbers start with RP.
Those parts may look different from the OEM parts but work equally good or better. The quality is in general better than the NLA OEM parts.

Performance parts:

Part numbers start with WP.
As always performance parts have no approval for public roads (DOT, T▄V, ABE etc.)
The usage is at own risk. This is not due to quality issues but due to outrageous approval fees.
Performance parts are not covered by any general warranty. Potential problems are solved individually between me and the customer.


There is generally no return and/or refund on electrical or electronical parts.