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is by no means complete but next to my daily work in my shop I fill it continuously. Please don't be angry with me if you can't find the desired part. In such case send me a brief email (info@wokke.de), call me or send a SMS / WhatsApp message (+49-171-8883568) and I'll take care of it.



Recommended products

Cam Follower
16,72 EUR
Shippingtime: built to order
Ball joint wheel carrier
49,58 EUR
Shippingtime: ca. 3-4 days
Rubber mounting
94,74 EUR
Shippingtime: built to order
Cam Followers Complete Set (24 pcs.)
335,29 EUR
Shippingtime: built to order
Hydro Lifter
15,04 EUR
Shippingtime: ca. 3-4 days

Where do I come from ...


In late 2008 I got my first 850i, built in 03/1991 and in really poor condition. Dents and scratches all over, engine running poor, exhaust falling off plus other mainly cosmetic issues. The previous owner wanted me to bring the car to a junk yard but I decided to rather invest time and money and bring this car back to it’s old glory.
First I solved all the technical issues which turned out to be much less complicated than I initially thought. After about 6 months I had a freshly TÜV approved car, which still looked kind of badly treated.
So I decided someday to do a full restoration incl. a complete re-spray in a different color. A difficult decision and even after I finally decided to go for FERRARI giallo 102 I wasn’t sure if I made the right decision. Well, today I know I did. And my car became more and more famous within the E31 community.
During this period I spent countless hours not only working on the car but also searching and reading in various forums on the internet. Mainly the well known international, but US dominated bimmerforums which contains a huge amount of helpful information. Since I got so much help on these forums I also tried to give back something whenever possible. I not only documented my restoration but also shared my continuously growing knowledge about this beautiful and exclusive car.
Even some public attention was given to me and my project.
Car of the month
The ultimate daily driver

... and what do I do today

Meanwhile I turned my hobby into a business and have lots of international customers. I either serve them with standard (used, new or reproduced) or performance parts or do complete repairs, restorations, engine repairs or upgrades etc.
Whatever has to do with the E31 – I can do it in my shop.

I also specialize in highly professional rim repairs and refurbishment.

Although this is primarily a web shop please feel free to contact me whenever you have any E31 related issues and I happily do my best to support you.

A specialty of mine is to convert the M70B50 to the M70B54S producing 375HP. This engine turns an ordinary 850i almost into a CSi. Contact me if you need more info.