Shipping & payment conditions


1. Prices, Shipping & Returns
2. Payment Methods and conditions
3. Retention of title
4. Shipping applyy
5. Transport damage

(1) The offered prices are all inclusive - ie they include all price components, including any applicable taxes.
Unless otherwise agreed in individual cases, the prices are without packaging, freight and/or postage. When dispatching the products additional cost will occur.
(1.2) By coosing the way of shipping the customer explicitly chooses or denies a shipping insurance.,
wokke performance (WP) is entitled to put the incurred additional costs to the customer separately.
(1.3) The customer assures to have the correct and complete delivery address indicated. Should there be additional costs due to incorrect address data the customer has to reimburse them.

(2) Tthe payment methods listed in connection with the concrete offer shall apply. Moreover, in the case of self-collection of goods payment in cash is possible.
(2.1) The customer has to pay all amounts at the latest on delivery without deduction; relevante date is the date of payment receipt of the amount by WP.
(2.2) The customer may only offset with undisputed or legally established claims.
(2.3) A lien the customer only exercise if his counterclaim is based on the same contract.

(3) Until full payment the goods remain our property.
(3.1) If the customer is an entrepreneur, he is allowed to process the goods delivered under retention of title within the scope of his business operations and sell or consume to provide a delivery and service. In the event of selling or consumption to provide a delivery and performance of the goods delivered under retention of title, the parties agree that the customer in advances his claims for payment resulting from the resale or the provision of supplies and services compared with the end users to the company WP cedes which accepts the assignment already.
(4) The delivery of the products, unless otherwise agreed in a particular case, happens generally against payment in advance and via postal shipping. A pickup of the item or directly from WP is - after agreeing a collection date - possible against cash payment.
(4.1) Partial deliveries are only permissible if they are reasonable for the customer or the customer has expressly agreed. Partial deliveries do not affect the rights of the customer due to power disturbances.
(4.2) The risk of accidental loss and accidental deterioration of the sold goods is transferred to the customer by the time of handover to themselves or a person authorized to receive, in the case of dispatch purchase already with the delivery of the goods to an appropriate transport person.
(4.3) In the case of non-compliance with delivery periods due to temporary impediments to performance, the force majeure (eg, war, civil unrest, natural disasters) or similar events (eg strike or lockout) are due, the time limits by a corresponding the impediment period extended.
(5) The following rules regarding damage have no impact on the customer's rights, in particular due to liability for defects.
(5.1) Supplies should be examined in the presence of the delivery. In the case of externally visible transport damage, the customer is obliged to indicate on the shipping documents and to acknowledge the deliverer; The packaging must be kept.
(5.2) If the (partial) loss or damage is not externally visible, the customer has to inform WP and the local the transport company immediately, i.e.within 3 days of delivery, but at least within 7 days after delivery, so as to ensure that any claims against the transport company be made within the time allowed.
(5.3) The customer will support WP wholeheartedly in case WP makes these claims against the transport company or transport insurance in question.